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Our Song

I sang the words
They leapt from my tongue
Landed on your lips
And danced around the groove of your smile
Warm breath escaping the hollow of your mouth
Cascading over every letter
Like a summer breeze
Lulled by your warmth
And your scent
My words collapsed into your mouth
Rolled around your tongue
And were swallowed whole
I sang the words
They leapt from my tongue
Landing silently upon your ears
But you felt their meaning
They slid down your neck
To the place where I planted kisses
To the place where I nuzzled closely
Breathing you in
I sang the words
As we danced to the rhythm of
Hearts racing
Limbs intertwined
Slowly dissolving into one another
I sang the words
Even as your back was turned
Did you hear the faint echo of my cries?
I called out to you
Even long after I could no longer see you in the distance
I sang the words
With no one there to listen
I sang the words in a shout
Deafening my own ears
I sang the words as tears
Seeped silently into my pillow
I cried myself to sleep
I was awakened by a shout
It was your voice
Calling out:
“Sing our song!”
But by then the words were long forgotten

©Tamara Kellam 2016

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