Are We Ever Really Ready For A Relationship?

All relationships require courage and have some element of risk-taking, and this idea of “readiness” is a false ideal that no one ever lives up to.


The Enemy in the Mind

The mind is an interesting and somewhat crowded place.  It houses all of our memories, our thoughts, and our emotions.  It is also our body’s biological operational manual and manager, carrying enormous amounts of information and sending out thousands (if not millions) of directives to cells responsible for stimulating the action of every gland, organ,…

An Open Letter To My Ex, One Year Later

You didn’t hurt me. The hurt parts of me were attracted to you. You grated your emotional unavailability against old wounds and tore their scabs away. I bled out; I had to let the poison of my past all the way out. The hurt parts of me loved you. The wounded parts of me thought you were the one. The healed me knows better.