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headshotTamara Kellam is founder of
My Body, My Vision, a body-positive health and fitness movement, and OmFree Inc., a NY-based nonprofit organization focusing on creating holistic health equity globally.

Tamara specializes in Behavior Change coaching and education, leading workshops like “Conscious Wellness,” examining the psycho-somatic connection as well as subconscious impacts on health behaviors; “The Intuitive Diet: Eating with Peace, Purpose and Freedom;” and, “B.O.S.S. Up: Overcoming Setbacks and Obstacles with Power and Grace.”  She also coaches clients 1-on-1 around relationships, health & wellness, career, self-image, and general personal development.  Schedule your free consultation.

Tamara obtained certifications through the American Council on Exercise, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the American Board of Nuero-Linguistic Programming*; however, her real-life training comes from her personal experiences with obesity, disordered eating, depression, and childhood trauma, and the intense personal development she employed to transcend those setbacks.  She released over 100 pounds through holistic wellness practices and has maintained her results for over a decade.

Tamara is a writer, workshop/support group facilitator, and health/life coach.  For more information, you can contact her at info@tamarakellam.com.

*As of August 1, 2019

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