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Love Hides in Quiet Places – Part 2

All this pleasure! Oh, how every sense is ignited and flushed with pleasure. Satin sheets slip against wet skin. Bodies rise and fall to the rhythm of tantalizing bass lines. Shadows dance against the wall as candle light flickers wildly in the darkness. The aroma of diffused oils and scented candles permeate the air—inhaled between… Continue reading Love Hides in Quiet Places – Part 2

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The Difference Between Emotional Vampires/Abusers and Sensitive People

Some people like to hide their emotional abuse or vampirism as "Sensitivity." Narcissists and psychopaths are especially good at mimicking emotions like sadness in order to get their way. Here's how you can tell if someone is just sensitive, or if someone is actually attempting to manipulate, control, or abuse you emotionally: