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Depressed, But Not Broken

During my 4th and final psychiatric hospitalization, I remember lying in my hospital room crying uncontrollably.  The blood-stained bandage over my left forearm hid a self-inflicted wound; a message carved with a blade reading "LIFE SUCKS." I was 17 years old and struggling with Major Depression, anxiety, and passive suicidal ideations.  By then I had… Continue reading Depressed, But Not Broken

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3 Signs You Aren’t Loving Yourself

What is Love? Love: a loaded word with extremely subjective meaning.  Some of us see the word and feel inspired, while others of us are triggered by memories of disappointment, abandonment, or an extreme sense of longing. Love, despite its subjectivity, is a universal concept.  People all over the world are reaching for alignment with it… Continue reading 3 Signs You Aren’t Loving Yourself

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The Great Wall of Anger

I sat in my therapist’s office feeling defeated; tears were welling up in my eyes.  In a stern voice he says, “Come on; don’t dissolve into tears!  Let it out.”  He motioned towards an empty chair.  He wanted me to pretend a certain person was sitting in it, and to yell and scream at the… Continue reading The Great Wall of Anger