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Love & Marriage: A deeper commitment to loving myself.

Last Friday (Good Friday in the U.S.), I had the privilege of marrying a man whose presence has really deepened my understanding of what it means to love myself.  That might not have been the sentence you were expecting.  You might have expected me to talk about how amazing he is, how he's my soul… Continue reading Love & Marriage: A deeper commitment to loving myself.

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3 Signs You Aren’t Loving Yourself

What is Love? Love: a loaded word with extremely subjective meaning.  Some of us see the word and feel inspired, while others of us are triggered by memories of disappointment, abandonment, or an extreme sense of longing. Love, despite its subjectivity, is a universal concept.  People all over the world are reaching for alignment with it… Continue reading 3 Signs You Aren’t Loving Yourself

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The Difference Between Emotional Vampires/Abusers and Sensitive People

Some people like to hide their emotional abuse or vampirism as "Sensitivity." Narcissists and psychopaths are especially good at mimicking emotions like sadness in order to get their way. Here's how you can tell if someone is just sensitive, or if someone is actually attempting to manipulate, control, or abuse you emotionally: